Vinadeal :

From the establishment…

Located in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards, Vinadeal was created by two oenologists. Both graduates from the Bordeaux School of Oenology, Eric Duqueyroix and Olivier Goujon started their career as wine consultants. In close touch with the greatest producers, they have gained over the years a strong expertise in terms of wine-making and blending processes. It is by heeding the customers’ growing desire for quality that they decided to make their skills available on the market.

…up to the expansion

As of today, Vinadeal has made its way through 4 continents in more than 20 countries and continues expanding abroad. Vinadeal has become in a few years an important player for all ranges of wine. Its worldwide reputation has mainly been developed through an ongoing work of words-of-mouth.

Our philosophy

Being the right partner:

We established Vinadeal as a reliable partner always putting emphasis on quality, tradition, availability and professionalism. The values our company stands for are inextricably bound to our love for the region and for the authenticity of the products we put on the market.

Providing qualitative follow-ups:

We constantly back up our commercial activity with a thorough control of the wine production implemented through various partnerships with our Bordeaux-based wine producers. Within the estates, those partnerships aim at providing a comprehensive array of solutions: monitoring fields and grape ripeness, providing advice on growing methods, partaking in wine-making and blending processes and following up on the overall aging process.

Looking forward

In spite of its youth, Vinadeal has managed to perfectly fit into the market thanks to the devotion, passion and professionalism of its managers.